Café Noir (003) Sweet Potato Power Snack
Café Noir (003) Sweet Potato Power Snack
Café Noir (003) Sweet Potato Power Snack
Café Noir (003) Sweet Potato Power Snack

Café Noir (003) Sweet Potato Power Snack

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Café Noir
We knew something was awry: The aroma of brewing coffee was gone. Even Pumpking Autumn was concerned and Summer Blues couldn’t focus to hit their notes. It was time to call The Big Sweet. This would be no easy job, but this private eye is the real deal. At last, Sweet caught a whiff of that aroma, but what they found would change everything... their brewing coffee, but also a secret recipe! With coffee as an icy treat, a cool snack, and a power-breakfast!
What We’re Made Of:
Locally-powered with JNP Coffee, minority- and women-owned. These beans are grown in Burundi, empowering women growers and sustainable development! Our Sweet Potatoes are locals from Hadley, MA, and our Maple Syrup is procured down I-290 in Auburn, MA!
Check out our auditory flavor playlist, Café Noir: Turntable Sessions for a complete sensory experience. Stay tuned for our first book pairing!

Let’s Stick Around a While:
This is not a low-calorie food; it is rich in nutrition! We choose our real-food ingredients for resilience. For your health and for sustainable natural ecosystems. Our pints are now compostable! Remove stickers to return to us at your next delivery or pickup, or with your local composting pickup - check if they accept BPI certified PLA.
Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Protein (Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seeds), Tahini  (Sesame Seeds), Coffee Beans (Contains Caffeine), Cacao, Chia Seeds (Omega 3 Source), Grapeseed Oil, Guar Gum, Carob Bean Gum, Cardamom, Sea Salt