Flavor Pairings

Check out our multi-sensory flavor pairings to complete your Sweetness tasting experience! 
We're here to hear and to be here for all of it! Here's a few tracks that connect with us as we talk about mental health and de-stigmatize this very-human part of our existence! Available on Tidal (embed below) and on Spotify!
There's no good mystery without an even better soundtrack, so we've got you covered, with a jam-packed tropical summertime playlist to complete your multi-sensory experience! Check it out on Tidal (also embed below) and this one is on Spotify too! 

Meet Your Matcha!

Spring is here, ready to bloom, and so should you be! The birds are singing, we can see flowers and trees starting to bud, you can even taste spring with our new Matcha flavor, and now you can listen to spring too! And we're introducing our film club pairings too, starting with the 1993 Much Ado About Nothing directed by Kenneth Branagh, and inspired by the Shakespearian comedy, "Much Ado About Noting" (~1600 C.E.).

Sgt. Peppermint's Quarantined Heart

May I introduce to you the one and only Sgt. Peppermint and their Quarantined Heart! On the strings with a deep raspberry flavor, the base sets the tone with a sweet natural vanilla, and a surprising yet so appropriate accent from the peppermint trumpet solo!
For our flavor pairings, try the mission-driven Torani for a dark chocolate glaze, and TruWhip for a natural or fully-vegan whipped cream topping when warm (no connection to those companies, we just enjoy them ourselves)! And for the over-21 crowd, we highly recommend a wintry mulled wine, or a non-alcoholic warm beverage of choice to provide the appropriate beverage pairing. Check out this simple Mulled Wine recipe we've tried from Gimme Some Oven.

Three Chias For You!

It's time we celebrate each other! Take a minute to recognize yourself for being a champ through it all and pass it along as we uplift and celebrate our differences and our oneness world-over. Let's share in the spirit of ubuntu, referenced as part of Zulu and Xhosa phrases meaning that a person is a person through other people, or more commonly referred to as "I am because you are," which at the core reflects on our shared humanity. 
Introducing: Three Chias for You! Audio Experience. This accents the flavor of Three Chias for You! with an energizing, hopeful, and uplifting spirit reflecting the rich and powerful diversity of humankind. The Audio Experience features artists performing in 18 languages, in order of first appearance: English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, Ewe, Twi, Luo, Yoruba, Swahili, Danish, German, Indonesian, Cantonese, Italian, and Korean. 

Café Noir:

Our first book pairing is here! Curl up with a cup of coffee and a few scoops of Café Noir! And of course, here's our auditory flavor pairing, embed for you to preview, or clickable to listen in full with a Tidal account. We only compile our curated playlists on Tidal because of the nearly 3x pay per stream rate to artists as compared to Spotify (an easy way to support our benefit goal of fair pay and economic growth), as well as the highest quality music that audiophiles like us adore: 

Sweet Pumpking Autumn:

Beverage Pairing - The subtle and soothing taste of a warm apple cider beverage perfectly balances the intensity of the autumnal spices in Pumpking Autumn. Try warming the Apple Cider from our local friends at Carlson Orchards, also available at the Worcester Regional Food Hub.Auditory Pairing - "Sweet Pumpking Autumn Tunes" - it's said that Sweetness knows no bounds, and neither does this playlist, across genres and eras we've hand-picked our essential sounds of Autumn. Let us know your favorite track!

 The backstory: It's the end of a long day, exhausted, feeling the weight of humidity and the late summer sun radiating off the pavement. Despite long hours at work, and the 8th Zoom meeting of the day, Sweet still manages to go for a walk, imagining those long past treks in the mountains. Haggardly stepping inside, with shades still on from the setting sun, Sweet sees Sax there, ready for another music-making evening. The late-summer sun falls to the tune of the sweetest, tough-yet-tender Blues tunes...