Matcha Ice Cream Green Tea Sweet Potato Power Snack Floral Arrangement White Roses Pink Roses And Other Flowers
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Vegan Sweet Potato Ice Cream on White Plate with Roses and Matcha Powder, long shadows and spoon in bowl
Matcha-Do About Nothing Matcha Vegan Ice Cream Sweet Potato Power Snack Lid surrounded by white roses
Meet Your Matcha (006) Sweet Potato Power Snack
Meet Your Matcha (006) Sweet Potato Power Snack

Meet Your Matcha (006) Sweet Potato Power Snack

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"Sigh no more, sigh no more!" Spring is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's especially time to amplify the sweetness in the world; the birds are singing, the flowers will be budding and blooming soon, and so should we! Introducing our first new flavor of 2021, launching on the Vernal Equinox, Matcha-Do About Nothing, a smooth and satisfyingly sweet power snack driven in strength by matcha (a type of green tea).

Matcha is a powerhouse for its health benefits and its cultural significance in Eastern Asia and its diaspora. Our awareness of matcha and this flavor simply could not exist without generations of immigrants doing so much, yet still facing so many challenges, including an extreme rise in hate and discrimination recently. In our constant efforts to make this a sweeter world for all, we are continuing our commitment to re-invest sweetness into communities anytime we can, and when necessary, and will donate 100% of the sales of our First-Edition batch of this flavor to AAPI (Asian-American Pacific Islander) Women Lead, a great organization creating community, empowering women and girls to be leaders, supporting mutual-aid efforts, and amplifying the voices of women and girls facing violence, racial discrimination, war, immigration, and more. For clarity, all tips added to in any order with this flavor edition included will also be donated, and for transparency, there are 22 pints in this particular batch; let's do this and spring into a sweet start together! Which is the only way forward, after all.

Our flavor pairings feature our auditory flavor playlist as always, and introduce our flavor-specific film club! Starting with this flavor and the 1993 Much Ado About Nothing directed by Kenneth Branagh, and inspired by the Shakespearian comedy, "Much Ado About Noting" (~1600 C.E.)