Sgt. Peppermint Sweet Potato Dessert - Red Mousse with Dark Chocolate Drizzle in a white bowl with blue stripes, reflected in a Christmas ornament
Sgt. Peppermint's Quarantined Heart - Sweet Potato Dessert Pint Container next to railing with Holiday decor
Sgt. Peppermint's Quarantined Heart Sweet Potato Dessert in white bowl with reflective spoon, over a snowy scene with greenery and red berry bush
Sgt. Peppermint's Quarantined Heart (005) Sweet Potato Dessert

Sgt. Peppermint's Quarantined Heart (005) Sweet Potato Dessert

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"Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato
Ev'ryone wishes for Sweet Potato
How do you measure its worth?
Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth"

- Burl Ives, in the unreleased spinoff movie, "Rudolph the Red Sweet Potato" (probably)

May I introduce to you the one and only Sgt. Peppermint and their Quarantined Heart! On the strings with a deep raspberry flavor, the base sets the tone with a sweet natural vanilla, and a surprising yet so appropriate accent from the peppermint trumpet solo! Never conventional, this Sweet Potato Dessert is crafted to be enjoyed either warm or cold! Try pairing it with a dark chocolate glaze as shown, and with a whipped topping, especially when warm. For these two, we recommend the dark chocolate sauce from mission-driven Torani and the natural, or fully vegan, whipping cream alternative TruWhip. If you're over 21 and so inclined, we'd also recommend a mulled wine pairing, or your non-alcoholic warm beverage of choice, to top off this naturally festive celebration dessert! See more on our pairings page, which, of course, includes our auditory flavor companion playlist!

Sgt. Peppermint’s Quarantined Heart:

Our Sweet Potatoes grew up in Sharon, MA, and our Maple Syrup came up I-290 from Auburn, MA to our home at the Worcester Regional Food Hub!

This is not a low-calorie food; it is rich in nutrition! We choose our real-food ingredients for your health and for sustainable natural ecosystems. Our pints are compostable! Remove the labels and return to us at your next order, or compost anywhere BPI-certified PLA is accepted.

Keep frozen. Thaw in fridge to taste, or thaw completely to savor as a mousse! Heat on the stove for a warm treat! Enjoy within 7 days of thaw.

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Maple Syrup, Crushed Raspberry, Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Chia Seeds (Omega 3 Source), Grapeseed Oil, Crushed Beet (Natural Coloring), Peppermint, Vanilla, Sea Salt