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Semicolon ; What Comes Next is the Best Part of the Story - MHSD Day 21

💚[TW: Suicidality] Day 21 of 21 (June 2); not done. Not alone. Not “Other.” Not ever. One more day, one more month, one more year, one more life to live. We’re sweeter together! We love the fact that we’re all a bit nutty as we complete this 21 day clause; what comes next is the greatest part of the story. How we all create a world made to support mental health and all aspects of health among each other and each of the other 344 days of the year!

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Agnes B. Marshall: the Forgotten Super Entrepreneur of Frozen Desserts, the Victorian Queen of Ice Cream

A major inspiration, Agnes B. Marshall was a legendary woman with a depth and range of her work and impact that still echoes today, but whose legacy has been largely forgotten. We're highlighting her to carry the legacy of her impact through to the future, and to share her spirit of finding every opportunity to make frozen desserts and ice cream both exquisite and accessible, all while innovating and taking risks to break through societal expectations.

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