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Mental Health Stigma: What is It? How does it show up, and how we can beat it! 21-Day Mental Health Stigma Detox Day 2

Take the #StigmaFree Pledge at and stay up to date on their resources! Mental Health Stigma: So what Is It? How does it show up, and how can beat it? Easy as: 1. Education 2. Contact 3. Advocacy. Today, we're sharing research on what’s worked as we roll through day two of our 21-Day Mental Health Stigma Detox tied to "We're All a Bit Nutty; it's what makes us so sweet!" 

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Agnes B. Marshall: the Forgotten Super Entrepreneur of Frozen Desserts, the Victorian Queen of Ice Cream

A major inspiration, Agnes B. Marshall was a legendary woman with a depth and range of her work and impact that still echoes today, but whose legacy has been largely forgotten. We're highlighting her to carry the legacy of her impact through to the future, and to share her spirit of finding every opportunity to make frozen desserts and ice cream both exquisite and accessible, all while innovating and taking risks to break through societal expectations.

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#2 Carl Anthony - The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race - Sweetness: The Just Book Club (It's Lit.!)

Welcome to the new Sweetness: The Just Book Club (It's Lit.!) where we'll be diving into and enjoying literary works from a variety of authors and formats to inspire joy, to challenge us to create a better world, and to learn from under-appreciated perspectives from all over the world. Our second book is "The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race"

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